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Pipe Trailer

Pipe Trailer Authority in North America - when only the best will do.

Custom built pipe trailer. Build for pipe of many sizes. Use for transportation and delivery of other pipe or long objects. Clean aerodynamic design in a class of its own. WHEN ONLY THE BEST WILL DO.

The Collapsible Pipe Trailer. 1 of a kind!

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WHERE ONLY THE BEST WILL DO.  We build these trailers and features like no one else in the industry.  Configure the pipe trailer with lights, brakes, racks, strap ratchets or whatever you need.   Custom pipe fitting baskets available.  Off road units are available.  These trailers are the top quality where only the best will do.   Neat clean design with quality construction.  Symmetrical  square tubing frame.    Standard finish with Epoxy primer & Poly Urethane  paint  for hard durable coating.  Other finish options available.  Adjustable hitch options to adjust the hitch for multiple pulling configurations.     Unique feature: The removable jack option jack is in stowed position on top of tongue to protect it from damage in the event of a tight turning radius with a farm tractor or dozer.  



-Single 7k axle to Tandem 10k axles.  (larger trailer available special request)

-Off Road models

-Lengths  20ft to 50ft  (large custom units available)  OFF ROAD heavy haul and more.


-Tool boxes,  baskets,  and other hardware

-3 deck designs  Deck OVER design,  Gives space between frame and top of cross arms for forks when loading pipe

-Contact us – WE WANT TO TALK TO YOU!

Pipe Trailer by Western Innovation

The Custom Pipe Trailer by Western Innovation LLC

No one does it like we do! Transport irrigation Pipe. Water pipe, And gas pipe with Ease.

Deckover design has the cross arms above the deck for forklift access.  We offer a flat deck as well as a low deck between the fenders for special applications.  We specialize in specialty. Contact us now and we are happy to work with you!


THE COLLAPSABLE PIPE TRAILER –  40ft can go to less then 14ft.  Ship from job site to job site – save shipping space on your trucks and $$$.  Assembles and disassembles like clock work. 

Custom built for the oil industry. We build all kinds of Pipe Trailers. Here is featured a Pipe Trailer setup for safety
and improved situations with safety requirements for tank lines, flow back lines, and other uses at well drilling,
maintenance, work over, and other uses.

—Notches space pipe for reduction of hand injury.

—Low profile trailer to
avoid back injury

—Easy to see and count inventory on the trailer

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